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Dress Code


Código de vestimenta del estudiante de Simmons - Enmendado septiembre de 2017

Simmons Elementary School believes that the standards of dress and grooming should be the responsibility of the parents and students with the understanding that students shall wear appropriate clothing and groom themselves in a manner which reflects good taste, does not violate the rules of decency, offend the standards of other students, or distract from the educational program. Families that need assistance with appropriate clothing should contact the Family Resource Center for support.

All students are expected to adhere to common practices of modesty, cleanliness, and neatness in order to contribute to the academic atmosphere. Clothing, jewelry, accessories, or other items of adornment that refer to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sexual innuendos, gang activity, violence, foul language or weaponry are not permitted. Anything that causes a distraction from the educational process, deemed inappropriate, or unsafe is prohibited.



Students may wear khakis, jeans, slacks, or sweatpants of any color. Pants must conform to the following:

● Must be free of holes and rips above the knee (frays and tears are considered holes)

● Must cover underwear and backside at all times

● Must not sag (must be worn at waist level)

● Leggings, jeggings, tights, spandex, bicycle, yoga pants/shorts must be worn with a shirt that covers the backside at all times.

Pajama and flannel pants are prohibited

Shorts & Skirts

● Shorts & skirts must be mid-thigh in length and cover undergarments at all times.

● Must be composed of non-transparent material

● Must be free of holes and rips

● Must be worn at waist level (not sag)

● It is requested that shorts are worn under skirts in order to preserve modesty


● Dresses must be mid-thigh in length and cover undergarments at all times.

● Dresses cannot expose midriff (stomach), come off the shoulder, or show bare back

● Must be composed of non-transparent material

● Must have a 2-inch measurable sleeve in width

● It is requested that shorts are worn under dresses in order to preserve modesty.


ALL shirts must meet the following criteria:

● Have a 2-inch measurable sleeve in width (no spaghetti straps)

● Cannot expose midriff (stomach), come off the shoulder, or show bare back.

● Be composed of non-transparent material, unless worn over a top that MEETS dress code.


Footwear must be worn at all times.


Flip flops

● Slippers, house shoes, or similar (unless prescribed by a physician)

● Shoes with wheels, high-heeled shoes or other shoes deemed unsafe by principal or designee


● Heavy coats must remain in the student's locker.

● Light jackets may be worn as appropriate.

● Hoods, caps, or hats may NOT be worn inside the building.


● Dangerous jewelry such as wallet chains, belt chains, or any other accessories that administration deems dangerous are not permitted.

● Head coverings such as hats, scarves, bandanas, head warmers, sweatbands, and doo rags may not be worn in the building unless such attire is a recognized part of a religious practice adhered to by the students or is prescribed by a physician.

● Sunglasses are not to be worn or be visible inside the building unless ordered by a physician.



The school administration shall have the right to evaluate any clothing to determine its acceptability within the guidelines of the dress code. Administrators shall also have the right to make an interpretation on the decency and appropriateness of any garment. Administrators, teachers, and other certified personnel are responsible for enforcing the dress code. Possible exceptions for special days will be at the discretion of the administration.

Dress code violations will result in:

1. Verbal reprimand, teacher-parent contact, correct the infraction

2. Verbal reprimand, documented warning/Minor Incident Referral, teacher-parent contact, correct the infraction

3. Written referral, documented office warning/Office Discipline Referral, lunch detention, office-parent contact, correct the infraction

4. Written referral, in-school suspension, office-parent contact, correct the infraction

5. Written referral, in-school suspension, mandatory office-parent conference, correct the infraction

6. Written referral, two days in-school suspension, mandatory second office-parent conference, signed agreement to follow the policy, correct the infraction

7. Suspension from school

The principal and/or his or her designee will be the last authority on all uniform matters



We will evaluate the effectiveness of this policy through our school improvement planning process.

Date Adopted _7/24/19____ Date Reviewed/Revised_________Date Reviewed or Revised: _____

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