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Academic Team

The Simmons Academic Team: Coach 2019-2020 Holly Tincher, Quick Recall and Written Assessment
The Simmons Academic Team has a long tradition of success.   Simmons has been the District Champion in Governor's Cup Competition more than 23 times!  And we've been Regional Champions ten times in the last thirteen years!  Academic Team is a great outlet for kids who are motivated to continue learning outside the classroom, are fast thinkers, and like to compete using their brains. Many of our 4th and 5th grade academic team members go on to compete at the middle and high school levels, and at the Governor's Cup state tournament held each March.
Quick Recall
The Simmons Academic Team competes in Quick Recall against teams from Southside, Huntertown, Northside, and Woodford Christian.  Quick Recall is a quiz bowl-type competition with teams of four players each buzzing in to answer toss-up questions and earn bonus questions.  Each round consists of 30 questions or 10 minutes.  The teams have 10 seconds to answer a toss-up question and 10 seconds to answer a bonus question.  One point is awarded for each correctly answered toss-up and bonus question.
We need lots of helpers to assist at practices; to be trained as judges, moderators, and scorers for matches; to help with set-up and clean-up of home matches; and to act as officials at Governor's Cup matches.  Please contact coach Holly Tincher if you would like to be involved.
Future Problem Solving
The Future Problem Solving (FPS) program is a nationally recognized, award winning program founded by Dr. E. Paul Torrance. The program seeks to increase an awareness for the future and encourage creativity in students of all ages.  During practices students research  FPS topics, and learn how to complete the FPS competition booklet.  In competition, students are given a future scenario and as a team brainstorm problems and solutions, and come up with a working plan to address the problem.  The Simmons FPS team will compete during the Governor's Cup competition in the spring.  Practices dates and FPS coach TBA.
Governor's Cup Academic Team
In January, we will choose our Governor's Cup Academic Team. The Governor's Cup is a state-wide academic competition sponsored by the Kentucky Association for Academic Competition.  Elementary teams compete in district and regional events in Quick Recall, Future Problem Solving, Written Assessment and Written Composition.  Quick Recall and Future Problem Solving are team events, while Written Assessment and Composition are individual events. Information about the events and the content areas for each subject can be found on the KAAC website.
Each Governor's Cup academic team member may participate in up to three events.  (For example: FPS, Quick Recall, and Math written assessment, or Quick Recall, Science written assessment, and Language Arts written assessment.)  The top two Quick Recall and FPS teams and the top five students in each written assessment area and composition from the District match will advance to the Regional match.
The 8-member Governor's Cup Quick Recall team will be chosen from the Simmons Academic Team quick recall participants.
The Governor's Cup Future Problem Solving team is limited to four team members who will be chosen from those attending Future Problem Solving practices.
There will be try-out testing for those wishing to participate in Written Assessment. Written Assessment tests are in the subject areas of math, science, social studies, language arts, and arts & humanities.  The tests consist of 30 multiple choice questions plus 6 tiebreaker questions, with a 35 minute time limit for the test.  The students with the top three highest scores from the tryouts will take the written assessments for the Governor's Cup team.
Students interested in participating in Composition will be asked to submit samples of their writing.  In written composition, the students have 45 minutes to complete a writing assignment from a prompt; for elementary  students the prompt is to write either an article or a persuasive letter.  Three students may participate in Composition.  You do not have to participate in Quick Recall or FPS in order to try-out for the written tests or composition.
When trying out, please make sure you can be available for ALL competition dates!
2020 Governor's Cup Competition Schedule
Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020 District composition and FPS - Location TBA
Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020 District quick recall, written assessment and awards - Location TBA
Monday, February 24, 2020 Regional composition and FPS - Location TBA
Saturday, February 29, 2020 Regional quick recall, written assessment and awards - Location TBA


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