Dress Code


Northside Elementary School Student Dress Code Policy
The students attending Northside Elementary are expected to dress in an appropriate manner that is not distracting to the instructional day. Comfortable, seasonal clothing is encouraged. Occasionally Northside has a school-wide dress-up day, T-shirt day, or Northside Pride Day in which students may participate in to promote school spirit.
All Grades
• No hats will be worn in the building
• No tops showing any skin around the midriff.
• Shoes-on PE days, students are expected to wear rubber-soled shoes. Shoes with wheels (“Heelys”) are not permitted.
• Clothing will have no offensive logos or language.
Grades 2nd-5th
• No tank tops are to be worn.
• No sundresses with spaghetti straps are to be worn.
• Pants/shorts must be worn at the waist.
• Shorts, skirts and dresses must be mid-thigh or longer with no visibility of undergarments when standing, sitting or bending over.
• Bicycle shorts must be worn with shorts over them.
The principal or designee has final authority on acceptable dress. If he/she feels there is a problem, the parent/guardian will be contacted. Whenever there is a doubt about clothing that should be worn to school, the best idea is not to wear that clothing.
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