Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

We are concerned about the safety of our children at all times. Please help us by observing the guideline of the pick-up/drop-off circle.

• Please drive slowly and cautiously while in the pick-up circle.
• The pick-up circle is one lane. Please do not pass other cars.
Parents/Guardian who need to enter the building at the start or end of the school day should please observe the following:
• Please park in a designated parking spot only-not the pick-up circle.
• Please do not double park.
• Please do not leave other children unattended in your car while entering the building.
Morning Procedures
Please assist us in allowing the school day to begin as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Students have two areas they may report to in the mornings: the gym or cafeteria. Students who wish to eat breakfast should report to the cafeteria and students not eating breakfast should report to the gym. Students who eat breakfast should report immediately to the cafeteria upon arrival and remain in the cafeteria until dismissed by the cafeteria monitors. Students who arrive after 7:40 (the tardy bell) are marked tardy.
Parents are asked to not escort children to their classes in the morning. If parents escort the child into the building, please give a brief and upbeat good-bye in the foyer. After that, the teacher, guidance counselor, or principal will provide the child the support needed to help him/her have a happy and productive school day.
Teachers use their mornings prior to the beginning of school to prepare for their day. Parents needing to talk with teachers should schedule appointments in advance. Appointments may be scheduled by e-mailing teachers or calling the school at 879-4690. Teachers may receive phone calls before or after school, or during their planning times. Teachers will not be interrupted during instruction to accept phone calls.
Pick-Up Cards
In order to ensure the safety and security of our students, we will be using a numbered “Pick-Up Card” as an extra measure to match students to approved pick-ups. The Pick-Up Card will be sent home with students. The number on your card matches the numbered card that will be attached to the child’s backpack. Siblings have been assigned the same number.
The Pick-Up Card should be displayed in the front windshield of your vehicle or carried in hand for those that walk up. One card will be sent home initially with our regular car riders/pick-ups and additional cards may be requested from the office. Anyone without a card picking up a student will be asked to check out the student in the front office. We realize that many of you are regulars and many staff members already know you, but it is important that everyone follow the procedures to allow this system to work properly.
Northside Elementary

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