The Academy

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome Class of 2019!! “The Academy” at Woodford County High School is a unique academic venture that provides the students of Woodford County High School with the opportunity to pursue their education in a new and innovative way.  In our mission to provide our students with the tools to pursue their life’s dreams, we have taken our comprehensive educational approach to new heights.  

In “The Academy,” students will be able to select a pathway of study that is best suited to their strengths and interests as they continue to receive a well-rounded educational foundation.  The Academy is structured around two broad areas of study: STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Liberal Arts.  Study in STEM and Liberal Arts will serve as a gateway to several additional areas of study including, but not limited to: Biomedical sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, International Studies, Communications/Media Arts, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Visual Arts, or Theater Arts.

A hallmark of the Academy will be a group of innovative courses that all Academy students will complete during their high school career.  These courses will be collaborative in nature and promote critical thinking skills, creativity, and communication.  Addressing the Academy’s purpose to provide a well-rounded education, these courses will require student groups to research, design, implement, and present projects in the sciences and liberal arts.  

“The Academy” at Woodford County High School is a focused approach to a rigorous curriculum that culminates during the senior year.  Students may choose to either finish their senior year by taking courses on campus at Georgetown College or by taking capstone classes, internships and senior projects at Woodford County High School.  Both options present a challenging curriculum for Woodford County High School seniors.  

Only Academy students will have the option to apply for an “early college” experience at Georgetown College during the senior year. 

This opportunity allows Academy seniors to complete up to 20  hours of college courses.  Students who choose to take advantage of the Georgetown “early college” experience will enjoy a 78% discount from Georgetown’s estimated tuition rates and a 43% discount from the University of Kentucky’s estimated tuition rate.  This type of home based and on-campus college experience can be found in one school in the state of Kentucky.  Only one school in the state of Kentucky offers an “at home and on campus” experience.  That school is Woodford County High School.  With this program, WCHS truly meets the “Gold Standard” it aspires to.

Since enrollment in the academy is through a selective application process, students in “The Academy” at Woodford County High School will be able to highlight this appointment on applications for college admissions and scholarships.  Academy students will also be invited to attend specific events to meet with college admissions counselors and professionals   Students who successfully complete the requirements of “The Academy” at Woodford County High School will also receive special recognition at graduation.  

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and with this application and admission to “The Academy,” your student will embark on an incredible educational adventure that will give him/her a head start toward chasing their future dreams.  Woodford County High School is committed to providing all students the most exceptional and personalized education possible in the state of Kentucky.

We look forward to creating an innovative educational pathway for your student that will prepare them for future success.  Our student’s success will require an effective partnership between home and school.  Please feel free to contact our administrative or guidance offices if you have further questions.  


Rob Akers


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